Director Adriana du Plessis


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein


Another school year has swung by and festive parties are on the run. I want to thank our students, parents, staff and sponsors for all the support throughout the school year.

The TEAM of school Casa Minunata was formed this year of 5 teachers, 1 assistant teacher, 1 physical therapist, 5 administrative staff and 4 volunteers. The well-educated staff works in versatile contexts with various children in a multi-professional collaboration. This staff is one of the strengths of Casa Minunata childcare system.

The team of Casa Minunata understands the significance of strategic training of human resource and theory knowledge, experience and expertise.  Our teachers are affiliated to professional organizations and are connected to internationally renowned specialists. Our staff has participated in EU funded classes to improve knowledge in various areas (Autism, Education Management, Pediatric Sensory Integration). The Physical therapist was able to lecture at National Conferences.

Students from Romania, Sweden, UK and US have visited and participated in activities of our school.

During the entire school year the team has maintained a professional and positive attitude towards the leadership, the members of the team, the parents and mostly towards the children.

The CHILDREN, counting up to 64, ages 1-12, were our joy and reason to be here this school year. 15 of them have been diagnosed with various conditions, which makes them bear the name of “special needs”. But as far as we are concerned each child or grown up has his or her “special needs”. We are no different; we are just people, amazingly complex, beautifully crafted and uniquely designed. We counted it as a privilege to get to know each one of the 64 children and to touch their lives.

This school year was packed with fun activities planned carefully so that each child will grow and develop: intellectually, physically and emotionally. Activities were structured to take place in the classroom, sports hall, garden, theater, concert hall, library or the Zoo. Learning could and should be fun! Special need children had individual education plans that involved family, teachers and therapists. The end of the school year evaluations show that success was achieved in most cases.

School and Community relationships must be on the agenda of every school manager and staff.

"Hamburg Declaration" boldly proclaimed that active citizenship and full participation of all citizens was the necessary foundation for "the creation of a learning society committed to social justice and general well-being" (UNESCO, 1997).

Schools must answer two questions:

  • How do we see the role of our position in developing community support for education?
  • How should we contribute to keeping the community informed?

Casa Minunata was actively involved in community through its staff and parents participating in numerous events in order to raise awareness about prejudice and discrimination in society.

I had the honor of representing STRONG (the organization of NGO’s) with the local public authority and thus promote the values of inclusion and social integration. 

We continue to develop our competencies that will enable us to build the strategic, sustainable future that our community needs and our students deserve.

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